Footsore but Fancy Free?

Not going to be much of a post tonight. Did a race today, and I’m a little tired and sore.  I had a good time, though.  A bunch of us local Hogwarts Running Club members organized a get together to do the current race as a group.  I brought Munchkin along, and she got to do her first 5k “live” even though it’s a virtual race.  She did very well, and we achieved a personal best for our time and pace.  We even did a little extra on the distance!   I tried to make the race as much like an event as I could.  Okay, no check in or corrals (or huge long line to the starting point), but I did what I could.  Our medals had come in the mail a few days ago, so we got to hang them around our necks right away.  I also printed out our bibs, and we wore them around the whole course.   That was kinda fun given that there was an official race going on, too!   We got a few odd looks, but I also got some compliments on my HRC running shirt. So we had fun, did well, and got to meet a bunch of new wizards!

Now it’s time to plan some craft projects. I’ve been wanting to set up a medal and bib display for a while, but now Munchkin is going to need one, too.  I’m pretty sure she’s gonna want to keep signing up for virtual races with me, and our current goal is the Disneyland 5k next January.  We need to improve our pace still, but that’s the goal. Anyway, now that I gotten started with printing out the bibs for the virtual races, we’re gonna have more.  I’m actually pretty tickled about the bibs.  I didn’t want to print them on regular paper and have them seem less “real” than bibs from live events, so I found some Tyvek paper that would work in an inkjet printer.  The printing bled a little, and they’re not water proof (I need to remember to hairspray them), but they have that slick, toughness.  Pretty cool!  I want something like a BibFOLIO for my bibs, but none of the available styles are quite what I want, so I think I’ll make my own.  It will be a fun project to do with Munchkin.  I also want a medal hanger with a shelf, but that might be more of just scoping out what’s available at IKEA, Target, or Hone Depot that fits the bill or requires very little modification.  I’ve got a pretty specific picture in my head of how I want the medal hanger to look / work, so it might actually turn into a fun “treasure hunt” to find what I want.  I’m looking forward to it.


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