It only took me four months

I finally managed to “put up” some of our food overage, like I talked about back in January.  Last week, I managed to squeeze in making pickled asparagus between laundry and gaming.  This week, I made mango salsa and finished the laundry before going out with VetFriend and FlowerFriend.  I felt super accomplished.  Both recipes were from Preserving By the Pint, on opposing pages no less!  Both were labelled as “spicy” but, while I have no problem with spicy, I just don’t keep chili’s and such on hand.  Thus, I had to fudge on the recipes a bit.  Never fear, I didn’t mess with the essential make-this-food-safe ingredients, just the flavorings.  I have no idea how the pickled asparagus will taste, but I hope it’s good because Sister and I both love pickled asparagus.  At least I got to taste the finished product for the mango salsa before I canned it.  Also, there was a little left over that didn’t fit in the jars, so other people got to taste it, too!  So far, everyone has approved.

It’s really more fun canning in these tiny amounts, though I don’t have the usage of the fourth burner pot down quite smoothly yet.  I had to do both the asparagus and the salsa in two shifts.  It worked out fine, but I’d love to be able to do a batch all in one go.  Perhaps I’ve just chosen the wrong recipes to do the truly small batches?  Also, I was critically low on half pint (“jelly”) jars.  How the heck did I have only one?  That problem has been rectified, so maybe better luck next time.  Of course, I’m thinking of doing bread-and-butter squash pickles next, so maybe I’ll go larger batch on that one.  I’m fascinated by the idea of pickling zucchini and summer squash, and bread-and-butter are my favorite kind of pickle.  Of course, I also have some rainbow carrots that are going limp, so maybe I should pickle them first.  I also have a ton of beets, more than I need to make borscht.  Perhaps I should make up some pickled beets.  Tough decisions.  I might just have to make them all; as you might have figured out, I really like pickles.


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