Is she allowed to grow that much?

Well, it’s happened.  Munchkin officially has bigger feet than I do.  Or at least the same.  She is still shorter than I am, though, so I have that much to hold on to in the effort of deluding myself into thinking she won’t grow up. Truthfully, it’s my own fault that we found out she’s moved to adult shoes.  Since I started running, Munchkin has begged me to do races with me.  This is probably because I started with the really fun sounding races like The Bubble Run and The Blacklight Run.   We’ve decided to do the 5k at the Disneyland Lightside Half Marathon weekend next January (if they ever open up registration), so she’s been training with me.  She has also done one of this year’s Hogwarts Running Club races with me and some of the other local wizards.  Anyway, the shoes she’s been wearing were not bought with running in mind and didn’t breathe enough or have good support.  As we needed to get her a pocket knife for Campfire Girls, we decided to go to REI where we could look at running shoes, too. I suggested she might get better shoes in the adult section, and it proved that she’s out of the overlap zone and solidly in adult shoes.   Take a wild guess which shoe in the picture is hers and which is mine.

In other activities this weekend, Munchkin had a recital with her music school.   I thought she was going to play the piano and sing,  but she did vocals only.  There she was; big and brave enough to go on stage in front of a group of people she mostly didn’t know and sing all by herself.  I’m not going to say she’s ready for the pros, so to speak, but there are a lot of people who have never even managed that much.  Still, it’s another sign that she’s moving away from being a kid.  She’s not ten yet, though, so she’s not a tween yet, right?   Please?   She’s not allowed to grow up.


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