For the most part, I think of Rainy Sunday activities as the things we do for ourselves.  Rainy Sundays are the days when you have done your chores, nothing from the outside world is claiming your attention, and you can take time for yourself to relax.  Do something you enjoy that doesn’t necessarily have any purpose but to be enjoyed.  The first activities that spring to mind are quiet things like reading a book and drinking tea by a nice fire.  Sometimes, though, the things that may us feel good are more active and could almost seem like chores.  The feeling of accomplishment, though, does our mental landscape good, leaving it refreshed and ready to move on to true relaxation or to snap back to work with new energy.

This week and this weekend have come under that category.  Tuesday, my day off, was spent almost entirely on my feet.  I ran a couple of errands, but spent most of the day in the kitchen with a few interruptions for laundry.  I was determined to get through more of the produce from our delivery box.  I peeled and roasted all of the beets.  Sister had ordered a lovely chevre in the most recent box, so I bought all the ingredients to put together a nice beet and goat cheese salad, which is pretty much one of my favorite foods.  I made another batch of mango salsa so that Sister could take some to her May the Fourth Be With You Cinco de Mayo party at work.  The box of mangoes (from Costco) did double duty with half going to salsa and half to dinner (mango beef).

I also made bread-and-butter pickles out of the zucchini and summer squash that were just about to go bad in the fridge.  I’m really excited about them.  Bread-and-butter are my favorite kind of pickle, but I’ve never had them made with squash.  At least two of the three small batch canning books had a recipe, though, and I just had to try.  I’m also really excited because, even though the recipe was easy (they’re just pickles after all), making them made me feel like I was a “real” canner.  I’ve made jams and not felt that accomplished.  And just to put a cherry on top of that feeling, I also made spaghetti sauce from scratch to be used for dinner the next night.  My feet were killing me, but I felt super awesome at the end of the day.

That is how you use up an entire flat of half-pint jars, make two meals, and do four loads of laundry in a single day.  Not relaxing, but I felt productive and accomplished, so it works.


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