This and that

Not a lot going on here.  Played mini-golf with the family on Memorial Day and had grilled hot dogs etc. for dinner.  Went shopping it’s VetFriend and FlowerFriend on Tuesday (new running pants and a tiara!).   Worked the rest of the week, including longer that usual on Saturday. I finally got to sleep in today, but I’m still tired, so tonight will just be a project update of sorts.  I haven’t canned anything recently, or vein cooked that much, but I did start a new knitting project last weekend. After having the yarn for years, and swatching during my cruise with BestFriend back in March, I finally cast on for Henley style sweater I want to make out of pretty purple and silver bamboo yarn I initially found during the Local Yarn Store tour years ago.   I’m starting with the cable that will trim the neck line.  It’s not very wide,  but I only got a few inches done last Sunday because the yarn is skinny and the needles are tiny.  I should have a sweater in three years or so.

In other activities, I’m embarking on month two of bullet journaling.  I’m not super dedicated,  but it’s going okay.  I was right that my favorite thing would be the habit tracker.  I also like seeing my running log in there, too.   I haven’t run a lot in the last week , but hopefully I’ll get a lot more miles in during the next few weeks.   I’m also going to try to work on cleaning up and rearranging my room.   I might get some extra reading in, too.   I’m on a re-reading kick right now.   I’m part way through re-reads of the Toby Daye and Libray Wars series.  It might be time for Harry Potter again, too.  Anyway, we have guests coming (BIL’s parents), so I won’t get to hang out in the library at night because that’s our guest room.  Thus, stuff I can do in my room or outside.  Speaking of outside the house, in the past few weeks I’ve also gone to a couple of movies: Guardians of the Galaxy, vol. 2 and Wonder Woman.   I very much enjoyed both.   Okay, it’s bed time now; that’s enough random updates. 


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