And she came up with it herself

Munchkin’s school does a craft fair a couple of times a year where they can trade school points (“dojo dollars” – it’s a computer tracking / award system) for things made by other kids.  Last time she made catapult kits with loom band puffballs and plastic spoons.   This time, inspired by a project her teacher showed the class on Pinterest, making monsters out of old gloves, Munchkin is making stuffed monsters out of some of her outgrown socks.   Considering that most of her socks are wild and crazy patterns from LittleMissMatched, the monsters are turning out really cute.  The awesome thing about this is that Minchkin came up with most of the “pattern” herself.  Sister contributed the construction of the legs and has helped with the sewing (particularly the button eyes), but Munchkin figured out most of it and has assembled some of the monsters by herself.  As Sister said, perhaps she got the crafty gene “from” me after all.



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