Organization Re-Organization

It was a grey, sleepy, actually rainy Sunday today.  I did go out for a run with Munchkin in the mist this morning.  First time doing that; it wasn’t too bad while we were out there, but I felt kinda icky-sticky once I was back inside.  Anyway, as expected with guests in the house, I’ve been catching up with my reading and with some work in my room.  A couple of years ago, I came up with an idea to increase the book and craft supply storage in my room.  I’ve alluded to this storage solution in at least one other post.  The idea was to create both storage and a place for me to sit and read – that isn’t my bed.  I did a little research and got another PAX wardrobe case like I did for my closet redesign, except this one was even bigger.  The one I got fits perfectly in the outside corner of my room beside the front window.  I also got a matching piece to go under the window and use as a bench, with the side of the wardrobe case providing a back rest.


I stand by the idea, but the execution has been more difficult than I expected.  First, the bench is actually a the base unit of a TV stand.  It looks nice with three open cubbies and three drawers, but it wasn’t really made to take the weight of a person sitting on it.  I bought some legs to go on them, but they didn’t attach the way I thought they would.  I’ve tried a couple of other methods, but haven’t gotten anything to really work.  Mostly, it collects junk and clean clothes that I haven’t put away, not helped by the fact that I haven’t gotten around to trimming and covering the foam I bought to make a cushion.  I also had more trouble finding a way to maximize book storage on a deep shelf without sacrificing access.  I thought I’d be able to buy book / DVD size storage boxes, but I couldn’t find any that would go the depth of the shelves.  Being relatively crafty, I decided to make my own.  After searching on the internet and Pinterest, I found a blog where someone had made custom storage boxes out of foam board and duct tape.  So I bought some supplies, did some measurements, and started making what I thought of as “book drawers”.


They were a pretty neat solution, and I do like the ones I’ve finished.  They’re colorful and store over twenty paperbacks each.  With five shelves of seven “drawers”, I would have been able to store lots of my paperback books.  The problem is that it actually takes a couple of hours to make each box, and I can only make one at a time due to ergonomic issues (I have to use the floor for all the cutting and assembling).  With other projects and work and inclination, I haven’t made that many.  Furthermore, with the five I have made filled and sitting on one shelf, I’m not entirely certain the shelf is rated for that kind of weight.  I keep looking at the shelf and thinking that it’s got a bow in the middle.


So, it’s been a couple (a few?) years since I started, I’m nowhere near done with the project, and I’m no longer sure it’s going to work.  Thus, I decided I needed to make some changes to the over all project.  I am going to repurpose the wardrobe box to being craft supplies only.  I should be able to find larger boxes or tubs that will fit craft supplies while utilizing the depth of the shelves.  Actually, I already have some, though that particular brand / style has been discontinued.  I’m pretty excited by this concept, in part because the storage (TV) bench doesn’t hold nearly as much of my yarn as I thought it would (I have even more stash than I thought!) and in part because I will be able to finish the storage quickly.  Despite being proud of my clever “book drawer” solution, it was taking way to long to really be satisfying.  And with nothing really finished, I actually still have a bunch of stuff that can’t put away decently (as can be seen in the pictures).


The second change I’m making is too rearrange my room some to make space for more traditional bookshelves.  I currently have one short bookshelf in my room, which I will keep initially but eventually replace with a taller unit.  I’m going to move that bookcase, shift my bed over, line the entire side wall of my room with bookshelves, and shove the bench into the corner.  I won’t be able to look out the window from it any more, but it should be a nice cozy corner.  I have a wall quilt from BestFriend that will also be really nice on that wall and make the nook even better.  I am also considering moving my desk into the line on that side wall.  This will lose me bookshelf space, but seems like a nice idea.  I rarely use my desk where it is in the shared office, and taking it out would give BIL a place to put in more storage as well.  Of course, I may just be wanting to put it next to the craft storage because if I do, the cool “tea time” vinyl decal Sister got me will still show.


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