About Me

Hello!  My name is Tania.  I am a mid to late thirties single woman living with my sister and her family.  We live in the Seattle area, so I probably get more rainy Sundays that most people though I get a lot fewer snowy ones.  As stated in the intro post, this blog is dedicated to all those activities that a particularly well suited to rainy Sundays – reading, crafts, movies, tv, etc. – and particular favorites of mine.  Here are some people you are likely to meet in my posts.

  • Sister – my older sister, who is nice enough to house and feed me and be interested in a lot of Rainy Sunday activities
  • BIL – my brother in law, who is not only nice enough to let Sister let me live with them but is a good friend and also shares in some of my Rainy Sunday hobbies
  • Munchkin – my niece, who is in elementary school and delightfully eager to be introduced to my favorite things, Rainy Sunday stuff among them
  • The Household – the collective of Sister, BIL, Munchkin, and myself
  • Mom – just what she sounds like, my mother who lives about fifteen minutes away and is the source of many Rainy Sunday activities
  • Dad – another easy one, my father who passed away in 2012
  • Best Friend – friend that I met while I lived in Montreal during grad school
  • Vet Friend – friend that I met through a local knitting group
  • Flower Friend – friend that I met through Best Friend

I will likely add more people as they are mentioned in posts – and I figure out what to call them!



I don’t think I need to lay out too many rules here, but there are a couple I want to have clear right up front.

This is a safe space.  Be yourself here.  Unless you are hurting someone or their property, I’m good.  I don’t care what your gender / race / sexual / religious / etc. identity is.  You are welcome here.

Be polite.  We are allowed to disagree.  I even hope we do because this will help us learn new things.  We are NOT allowed to be mean, be rude, be bullies.  Attacking other people will not be tolerated.  If you dislike something someone else likes, you are welcome to say so.  You don’t even have to explain why, but you don’t get to call that thing or that person stupid or imply that because you don’t like it no one else should either.  People are allowed to like what they want and participate in hobbies how they want.  Basically, don’t piss in someone else’s Cheerios.

This is my playground.  I get to decide what violates the above rules.  Feel free to point it out if you think I or someone else has said something that is hurtful; I will determine what action needs to be taken.  Honestly, I don’t imagine this is going to be a problem here, but I want everyone to know that I really want that first rule to be true.


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